The patented Q-Score was developed with the aim of making daily glucose profiles from continuous glucose monitoring with sensor systems (CGM) or multiple test strip measurements (SMBG) comparable and free from subjective assessments based on a calculated score value, objectively with regard to existing problem areas and potential for improvement in the current metabolic management.

In contrast to the HbA1c value, which cannot be used to diagnose the problem of dangerous hypoglycaemia or glucose variability, these important criteria for metabolic control can be represented very well by the Q-score.

The Q-score represents the risk of developing late diabetic complications based on current metabolic control.
The use of the Q-Score in various care offerings for diabetics and people at risk resulted in significant improvements in the metabolic situation with Q-Score supported diabetic care. (Salt boiler at al. DSH 2020)

The patented in-house development of the Institute for Diabetes in Karlsburg / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania can be used widely in the form of licenses. Please contact us about this.

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